“I needed immediate help when the controller resigned. AccuStart professionals quickly identified existing problems in payroll, general ledger, financials, HR, etc., then took the necessary actions to fix them, and stayed onboard to see their initiatives progress to successful completion and transitioned to permanent employees.”
                                                            CEO of venture-financed software company

“AccuStart was brought in the week we closed Series-A funding. They immediately got in place an accounting system, processes for new-hires, and payroll. They then located office space, analyzed various options for insurance, and set up company policies and procedures. AccuStart provided exactly what we needed and was very cost effective, meeting our immediate short-term needs, and helped us look for permanent staff.”
                                                             CEO of Series A software company

“From incorporation and until the company was acquired, I did not worry about G&A. I was able to focus on product and business issues and not get bogged down in Finance, HR, Legal, and Administration. Olga and Suzie are an effective team and were recognized both internally and externally for quality and timely work.”
                                                             CEO of venture financed software company

“Dependable, organized, and thorough best describes Olga and Suzie! As long as they were around I didn’t worry about Finance or HR. I knew every document could be located, the financial statements could be justified, all the rules were being followed, and no deadline would be missed.”
                                                             CEO of venture-financed hardware company

“Company founders typically need financial help to get started, but it is too early to hire permanent staff. So I’ve recommended AccuStart to help out in the early stages of promising start-ups. I have seen them successfully set up both financial and HR systems from scratch, as well as effectively report to the board of directors on company status. Proper policies and controls from the beginning prevent major headaches in the future, whether it’s raising additional financing, preparing for an M&A, or IPO.”
                                                              General Partner, leading venture capital firm

“I’ve worked with Olga and Suzie on several Series A and Series B financings, and I know they will have all the due diligence materials in proper order so as not to slow down the process. They are knowledgeable, stay current on related rulings and regulations, and their recording keeping is precise.”
                                                               Co-Chairman, Corporate & Securities Practice Group, Mid-Size Law Firm

“Accuracy and attention to detail are their strengths. Because of their careful preparation and experience, annual audits are straightforward and we’re eager to work on their accounts.”
                                                              Partner, Audit Leader for Emerging Growth Market at Big 4 Firm